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Local Agency Formation Commission

Commission Members

The Commission is comprised of five regular members and three alternate members appointed to four-year terms. The current Commission members are:


Commission members serve four-year terms that expire the first Monday in May.

Commission Members (Regular)
Member Appointing Authority Telephone
Doug Kuehne City Member, Lodi (209) 747-5583
Miguel Villapudua            Board of Supervisors  (209) 468-3113
Peter Johnson - Vice Chair    
Public Member (209) 946-3912
Tom Patti - Chair Board of Supervisors  (209) 468-3113
Danny Fox City Member, Escalon (209) 691-7400

Commission Members (Alternate)
Member Appointing Authority Telephone
Charles Manne                     Public Member (209) 815-8041
Chuck Winn            Board of Supervisors  (209) 468-3113
Jesus Andrade City Member, Stockton (209) 937-8244

Selection Process

San Joaquin LAFCO Commission consists of a five-members. The Board of Supervisors selects 2 LAFCO Commissioners from their own membership. A City Selection Committee consisting of Mayors of all 7 Cities within the County select 2 LAFCo Commissioners from City Council Members of all such Cities. The 4 Members so selected, select another Commissioner to represent the General Public. The three above categories each have an Alternate Member selected in the same manner.

On May 1, 1991, the City Selection Committee adopted a 4-Year Rotation Plan for regular City Commission members. The order of City rotation is as follows: Escalon, Stockton, Manteca, Lathrop, Ripon, Tracy, and Lodi.

 Year Member (1)  Member (2) Alternate 
 2017 Lodi Escalon  Stockton 
 2019 Stockton  Escalon  Manteca 
 2021 Stockton  Manteca  Lathrop 
 2023 Lathrop  Manteca  Ripon 
 2025 Lathrop  Ripon  Tracy