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Freeport Regional Water Project Tour 

  • Introduction
  • Comparative Facts between Freeport Facility and BDCP Preferred Alternative
  • Tour of Freeport Facility
  • Questions and Answers



In Route

  • Scale of the BDCP Plumbing Infrastructure
  • Available Water




  • Legacy Community-Ground Zero
  • Water Quality/Flows
  • Questions and Answers



In Route

  • Questions and Answers: Scale of Proposed Project



Greene & Hemly Family Farms, Courtland 

  • Introductions
  • Facts regarding BDCP Preferred Alterntive
  • Presentation - Tour of Hemly Farm
  • Questions and Answers



In Route 

  • Water Quality/Flows
  • Questions and Answers



In Route 

  • Delta Cross Channel, Walnut Grove (roadside view)



Delta Science Center - CCC Outside Presentation Lunch 

  • Presentations: Elected
  • Presentation: "Muck"
  • Presentation: "Economics of the Tunnels"
  • BDCP Science
  • Delta Levee Improvements
  • Questions and Answers



Route - Ride Back to Freeport 

  • Flaws with BDCP Proposed Project
  • Questions and Answers



Supplemental Information 

  • Muck Visuals
  • Delta Protection Commission: Economic Sustainability Plan: Executive Summary
  • DCC DRAFT Governance Concept: Letter to Connor



Note Paper



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