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A property tax exemption excuses all or a portion of the assessment because the assessee has met some criteria allowed by the State Constitution. There are exemptions for property used by homeowners, veterans, disabled veterans, churches, religious organizations, welfare organizations and others. A property cannot receive more than one type of exemption. The county is reimbursed by the state for property tax revenue lost by the homeowner's exemption, but not for other types.

Specific Categories of Exemptions:

Welfare Exemption

This exemption is available to the following property if owned and operated by nonprofit religious, hospital, scientific, or charitable entities operating for those purposes:

  • Property used exclusively for religious, hospital, scientific or charitable purposes
  • Property used exclusively for schools of less than collegiate grade
  • Property used exclusively for nursery school purposes
  • Property used exclusively for noncommercial educational FM stations or educational TV station
  • Property used exclusively for housing and related facilities for low/moderate income elderly or handicapped families, and is financed by HUD
  • Property used exclusively for rental housing for lower income households
  • Property used exclusively for emergency or temporary shelter for homeless people
  • Property used exclusively for housing and related facilities for employees of religious, hospital, scientific or charitable organizations if the use is necessary for the operation of the organization
  • Charitable purposes include educational purposes, which mean those purposes and activities for the benefit of the community as a whole

A claim form must be properly completed and filed annually by February 15th with the Assessor. Claims filed February 16 - December 31 will receive a partial exemption for that year.

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