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A property tax exemption excuses all or a portion of the assessment because the assessee has met some criteria allowed by the State Constitution. There are exemptions for property used by homeowners, veterans, disabled veterans, churches, religious organizations, welfare organizations and others. A property cannot receive more than one type of exemption. The county is reimbursed by the state for property tax revenue lost by the homeowner's exemption, but not for other types.

Specific Categories of Exemptions:

Homeowner's Exemption

Residential property owned and owner-occupied as of 12:01 a.m. on January 1 (lien date) is eligible for a $7,000 exemption of the assessed value for the upcoming tax year. This equates to a $70 reduction on your property tax bill. A claim form must be properly completed and filed by February 15th with the Assessor. Claims filed February 16 - December 10 will receive a partial exemption for that year. Once the claim form is filed, the exemption continues until the property is no longer the principal residence of that owner. It is the homeowner's responsibility to notify the Assessor when the property is no longer eligible for the exemption.

If a residence was acquired or completed after lien date and the property did not receive an exemption on the current roll, the exemption may be applied to the supplemental assessment. The claim must be filed within 30 days of the date of notice of the supplemental assessment to be considered timely filed. Claims filed after that date, but on or before the date on which the first supplemental tax installment is due, will receive a partial exemption.

Eligible property for this exemption includes a single-family residence, multi-unit dwelling, boat, condominium, or other shelter constituting a place of abode and the land on which it is situated.


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