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Business Property Assessment

Now available: On-line Filing

Your business may be able to file the Business Property Statement on-line. For further information, go to If you have questions or need additional information, contact our office at

Unlike real property, business property is appraised annually at current market value as of January 1 (lien date). The law requires owners of taxable personal property with an aggregate cost of $100,000 or more to file an annual property statement with the Assessor. In addition, anyone requested by the Assessor to file a statement is required to do so regardless of the aggregate cost.

If you own the land on which the business property is located, the assessment will be included with your regular property tax bill for that parcel. These are usually mailed at the end of October. If you do not own the land on which the business property is located, you will receive an unsecured tax bill for the property in late July.

San Joaquin County currently assesses approximately 18,000 business accounts.

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