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   A guide for recycling and
  disposal options for various
  materials in San Joaquin.

    Deputy Director – Engineering
    Michael Selling
    1810 East Hazelton Avenue
    Stockton, CA  95205
    (209) 468-3000 Phone
    (209) 468-2999 Fax

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Residential Garbage and Trash Collection
serving Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Lathrop, Escalon and San Joaquin County

About the Program

For more information about San Joaquin County's Mandatory Refuse Collection Ordinance, discounts, and exemptions contact Constance Gerbi at the Solid Waste office (209) 468-8088. 

Map of Residential Refuse Collection Service Areas

For PDF Version Click Here

List of Collectors - Franchise Service

  • Service Area A:  Waste Management                              Mailing Address:
                               1333 East Turner Road, Gate #1, Lodi                   P.O. Box 241001
                               (209) 369-8274 - Customer Service                        Lodi, CA  95241-9501
  • Service Area B: Waste Management                             Mailing Address:
                               1333 East Turner Road, Gate #1, Lodi                   P.O. Box 241001
                               (209) 369-8274                                                    Lodi, CA  95241-9501
  • Service Area C:   Republic Services
                               1145 West Charter Way, Stockton
                               (209) 466-3808
  • Service Area D:  Gilton Solid Waste Management, Inc.
                               755 Yosemite Avenue
                               Oakdale, CA 95361-4094
                               (209) 527-3781
  • Service Area E:  Waste Management
                               1240 Navy Drive, Stockton
                               (209) 946-5711
  • Service Area F:  Delta Disposal Service
    30703 South MacArthur Boulevard, Tracy
    (209) 835-0601

Contact the Franchise Service Provider in your area for answers to questions regarding the type of services
available, pickup schedules, available discount rates, and billing information.

Contact the Franchise Service Provider when a change in service is required.


Not all discounts are available in every service area. Customers may qualify for only one discount.
All discount applications are reviewed to determine eligibility.

  • Low Income Discount Rate (30%):  Contact the Solid Waste Office at (209) 468-8088
    This discount is taken off the first can for the curbside residential refuse collection rate.
  • Low Volume Discount Rate (30%):  Contact the Franchised Service Provider
    This curbside service rate is available for customers who provide their own 20-gallon container
    weighing less than 15 pounds when full. Only one container per account may be discounted.
  • Senior Citizen Discount (20%):  Contact the Franchised Service Provider
    This rate is available only to a two-person household. One household member is to be 65 years of
    age, or older. Age is verified by proper identification. This discount service rate is offered for both
    curbside and backyard pickup service and applies only to the first can.

Commercial Collection

Links to Cities:

Escalon Lathrop
Lodi Manteca
Ripon Stockton




San Joaquin County Department of Public Works
Solid Waste Division

Last updated 06/23/2011


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