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Does the Sheriff operate a
BICYCLE PROGRAM like city police departments?

Yes. Recently equipped through a generous donation from Alex G. Spanos of Stockton, the Sheriff's Office Specialized Enforcement Team operates on state of the art Specialized brand Rock Hopper bicycles. Enforcement is conducted in partnership with the community and the SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD task force.

Why do you have a BOATING SAFETY unit?

The Boating Safety Unit operates 365 days a year, providing law enforcement services to residents living on 700+ miles of rivers and waterways. During the summer months, they provide service to the additional tens-of-thousands of fishermen and boaters who visit and recreate in the Delta. They enforce penal code and boating safety laws, including vigorously pursuing and prosecuting Boating Under the Influence (BUI) violators. Through aggressive enforcement of this law, this six person unit (assisted in the summer by reserves) has made the San Joaquin Delta a safe and enjoyable destination for boating vacationers.


Operated in conjunction with Community Development and other County agencies, the revitalization unit helps citizens reclaim their neighborhood from gangs, criminals and others who tend to destroy the vitality of the community. Empowered to enforce a variety of laws, the civilians and officers assigned to this unit do everything possible (even including bulldozing condemned buildings) to help citizens to once again enjoy their communities without fear of gangs, reprisals, or on-going crimes.

What does C.O.P.P.S. stand for?

C.O.P.P.S. is an acronym for Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving. This philosophy of crime reduction has been in use for over ten years and was expanded from the Community Car concept in 1994 to include all of Patrol division. Community policing is an interactive process involving deputies with citizens who live and work in the area the deputies patrol. Through problem solving strategies, citizens and officers working together can identify underlying causes of crime and solutions can be developed to abate the problem.

Does the Sheriff's Department have a CRIME PREVENTION unit or program?

The Sheriff's Department has one of the oldest crime prevention programs in the state. With the basic belief that citizens are the best crime prevention officers available, the department assists Neighborhood Watch captains, school and community leaders, and other interested persons by providing experts in crime prevention for presentations in the community.

Does the Sheriff maintain a Reserve Peace Officer Program?

The Reserve Peace Office program is comprised of three units; the Air Patrol, Horse Posse and Patrol Reserves. To join a reserve unit the department requires potential candidates to first graduate from P.O.S.T. approved peace officer training. This consists of a minimum 640 hours of training. Once graduated, the candidate submits an application and goes through a screening process. If accepted, a background investigation is conducted, consisting of personal history, polygraph, medical (including drug screening) and a psychological test. Passing all of that (!) gives the candidate probationary status in a Field Training Program in Patrol Division. Successful completion of training gives the reserve opportunity to work a variety of assignments throughout the department. Although the position does not monetarily compensate you, uniforms and equipment are provided and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a valuable service to your community. Contact Reserve Coordinator, Sgt. J. Leberman at (209) 468-5190 for an application or further information.


The City of Lathrop incorporated in 1989. Prior to that, the Sheriff's Office provided law enforcement services to the community. In 1990 the City of Lathrop contracted with the Sheriff's Department to continue providing law enforcement services, (in lieu of the city starting its own police department). Deputies assigned to Lathrop volunteer to do so for a minimum of three years. They receive specialized training in vehicle code, traffic investigation and other situations indicative of policing a city. Lathrop Police Services also teaches D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) courses to primary grade children in the community schools.

What is that BIG BUS I see on the road marked Sheriff?

Actually the Sheriff's Office has several buses operating in the County. Many you see belong to the Community Corp Program, which utilizes inmates to clean roads and other public owned facilities. Court Services and Transportation Division (CSTD) operates two buses and several vans to transport detainees to and from courts in the county. BUT, the BIG BUS is M.L.E.C. (the Mobile Law Enforcement Coach). This bus, bought and built entirely with funds seized from drug dealers, is operated by S.T.A.R.S. volunteers and responds within an hour, 24 hours a day, to any call for service from a department supervisor. It provides full communication facilities (radio, cell phone, fax, computer, thermal imaging, etc.) at search & rescue sites or crime scenes. It also is seen at many community events and has won numerous awards for its innovation and design.

What type of SEARCH & RESCUE services does the Sheriff's Office have?

Currently in the development stages, the Search & Rescue unit is operated through the Boating Safety office. The unit includes Civilian and sworn staff, and can respond to lost or missing persons, drownings, natural disasters or other circumstances as determined by the on duty sheriff's supervisors. Presently the capabilities include off-road (4X4 and motorcycle), horses, airplanes, helicopters, and divers. Training is underway to establish response time within one hour 24 hours a day to any circumstance where their expertise could be helpful in bringing a quick and successful conclusion to the incident.

What is the STARS program all about?

STARS is a acronym for Sheriff's Team Active Retired Seniors. Click here for more information.


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