Substance Abuse Services

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Substance Abuse Services Prevention and Treatment Services


Substance Abuse Services is responsible for the coordination of alcohol and drug treatment efforts in  San Joaquin  County. We provide a range of drug and alcohol treatment services for residents of SanFront entrance of the Substance Abuse Services Office. Joaquin County, including outpatient, residential and co-occurring treatment services.

Prevention services offered include programs designed to build youth leadership skills, offer alternatives, and develop awareness of the impact of drugs and alcohol on our community. 






The mission of San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services Substance Abuse Services is to partner with the community to provide integrated, culturally and linguistically competent substance abuse services to meet the treatment and recovery needs of San Joaquin County residents.


The vision of San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services is to collaborate as a resilient team exploring changes, sharing ideas, striving to empower consumers, families, volunteers and care providers toward building hope, addressing disparities, and fostering wellness and recovery through individual strength-based treatment.


The personal commitment of every individual contributes to the overall success and integrity of the organization, creating a caring, positive, fiscally responsible and productive environment.