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Community Development Department

Assisting the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission to provide the means of attaining an environment that protects the health, safety and welfare of the citizens; make the most judicious use of the county's resources; reflect the public's values; and be consistent with the individual community's values.
1810 E. Hazelton Ave. Stockton, CA 95205 - Open Mon.-Fri. 8am-12pm 1pm-5pm

The San Joaquin County Neighborhood Preservation Division administers several federal grant programs that provide direct assistance to homeless individuals and families. They include several Supportive Housing Programs (SHP) and a Shelter Plus Care (SPC) Program. The SPC program provides rent assistance for disabled homeless individuals. Supportive Housing Programs provide rent assistance and supportive services to homeless families and individuals to assist them in making a successful transition from homelessness to independent living. Funds for these programs are received through HUD's Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grant Application process. This is a yearly competitive grant application process coordinated by the Neighborhood Preservation Division. The support service programs are offered through local non-profit service providers on behalf of the Neighborhood Preservation Division. Following is a contact list of the service providers and their telephone numbers to obtain additional program information. The specific program information is not available at the 1810 Hazelton Avenue complex.


This program provides rent assistance to homeless, disabled persons. Qualifying disabilities include serious
mental illness, HIV/AIDS, or physical disabilities.

Please contact the County's service provider Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation (CHLIVC) at 472-7200. Their office is located at 2431 W. March Lane, Stockton, CA.


Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation
This supportive housing program provides rent assistance and supportive services to homeless families and
individuals. Supportive services include case management, budgeting assistance/counseling, education
assistance, and job search preparation.
Please contact CVLIH at 472-7200 for further information.

New Directions
This supportive housing program serves homeless individuals, most of whom have had contact with the criminal justice system because of a history of substance abuse. The program participants reside in dormitories and receive supportive services which include individual and group counseling.
Please contact New Directions at 870-6506 for further information.

Lutheran Social Services of Northern California
This permanent supportive housing program provides rent assistance and support services to homeless former foster youth with disabilities. Supportive services include case management, education assistance, child care, and transportation assistance.
Please contact Luther Social Services of Northern California at 916-453-2900, ext 200 for further information.
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