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If you have an open case with a local child support agency (LCSA) - you have rights and responsibilities regarding the services you receive through the LCSA. If you're not satisfied with the assistance you're receiving from the LCSA you have the right to file a complaint through the Complaint Resolution Program. For more information about the Complaint Resolution Process, please click here.

The party who has/had custody or the parent who does not have custody may file a complaint if there is a case open with the Department of Child Support Services.

Talk to the Ombudsperson!

If you need help with a problem, ask to speak with the LCSA Ombudsperson- it is his or her job to:

  • Help you get child support services
  • Explain your rights and responsibilities
  • Help you resolve problems with your case
  • Explain the complaint process before, during, and after a complaint is filed
  • Help you request and prepare for a state hearing if you are not satisfied with the results of the complaint resolution process

San Joaquin County Child Support Services Ombudsperson Telephone Number: (209) 468-2578


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